DW 13 Featured in SCREAM Magazine Issue 43

July/August 2017 – Featured on the cover of the world’s #1 horror magazine, Scream, DEATH WARD 13 sits alongside horror classics JAWS and THE LOST BOYS. Check out the gruesome original photos and in depth interview with Director Todd Nunes…

Misfits’ Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein Starring in ‘Don’t Look in the Basement’ Remake, ‘Death Ward 13’

Legendary Misfits Guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is set to star in Death Ward 13, a remake of the cult-classic film Don’t Look in the Basement, Bloody Disgusting learned this morning. With his iconic Devilock hair and impressive physical build, “Doyle” is best known as the guitar player for the American horror punk band the Misfits and will play the film’s terrifying antagonist, THE DUKE.

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Misfits Guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein Checks In to Death Ward 13

There’s a new flick on the way inspired by the 70s cult favorite Don’t Look in the Basement, entitled Death Ward 13, and we have all the details you need to get your spooky on.

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Exclusive Q&A: Filmmaker Todd Nunes on “ALL THROUGH THE HO– USE”, “DEATH WARD 13”

DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT, the 1973 cult-classic, horror flick is getting a millennial make-over; promising to deliver the scares, suspense, and shocking twists of it’s predecessor…and them some. Todd Nunes, writer/director of the soon to be released, award-winning Christmas slasher, ALL THROUGH THE HO– USE, has officially confirmed that his latest film DEATH WARD 13 is not only a re-imagining, but a continuation of DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT.

A labor of love, and a dream of Nunes’ since childhood, DEATH WARD 13 is now in pre-production and off to a great start and we have the exclusive behind-the-scenes pics to prove it. More so, Nunes, in between film festivals and production, spent some quality time with FANGORIA to promote his latest endeavor into the world of psychological horror.

FANGORIA: Why do you believe that DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT needed a millennial update?

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“Don’t Look In The Basement” remake “Death Ward 13” in the works!thebloodshed_horiz_logo

“When a remake is being helmed by an award winning director like Todd Nunes, that definitely makes this writer optimistic.’ (more at…)

Todd Nunes is Remaking “Don’t Look in the Basement” with “Death Ward 13”the-grave-plot-podcast

Todd Nunes, director of the award winning Christmas slasher All Through the House and former Grave Plot Podcast guest, has a new film coming out called Death Ward 13. The thing about it, though, is that it’s actually a remake of the 1973 film Don’t Look in the Basement.

The original film, also known as The Forgotten, centers on a rural mental hospital with patients ranging from a man with a child’s mind, a former judge who has lost his sensibilities, and a nymphomaniac schizophrenic. (more at The Grave Plot Podcast…)

Writer/Director Todd Nunes’ “Don’t Look In the Basement” Inspired “DEATH WARD 13” in Pre-Production

the-shock-chamber-logoFresh off of his award-winning and soon-to-be-released horror flick ALL THROUGH THE HO– USE, director Todd Nunes jumps into pre-production for his next scare feature DEATH WARD 13. (more at The Shock Chamber…)

“Don’t Look In the Basement” Remake “Death Ward 13” in Pre-Production

The cult-classic DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT is emerald_gore_logobeing re-imagined by horror director Todd Nunes and L.A.-based Bone Crusher Films. DEATH WARD 13 is inspired by S.F. Brownrigg’s DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT (1973) and Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether” (1845). (more at The Emerald Gore Society…)

“All Through The House” Director To Take On “Don’t Look In The Basement” Sequel

Are you a fan of the horror cult classic Don’t Look In The Basement? we-are-indie-horrorThen, good news, everyone! Los Angeles based Bone Crusher Films is currently in pre- production for their remake of the classic horror film, called Death Ward 13. (more at We Are Indie Horror…)